Volando Voy

Let me start with the most important updates from this week: First, I used the upstairs bathroom in the Yoga House for the first time, and it was glorious. I will let the photo do my explaining for me.

Life at the Yoga Commune: Bathroom Bonding, Toilet Paper in the Bin, Mural of Dolphins Flying Through Space


Second, my photo class at school continues to be the highlight of my week. Every week the kids receive letters from a 5th grade class in California, respond in letter format to a list of questions I give them, and then I work with them in small groups teaching basic photography techniques. The kids love it, I get to be outside, and life is good. However, this week I accidentally made a typo in one of the questions, so instead of asking them how old they are, I asked them how many anuses they have.

Finally, today I actually made it to the market, bartered in Spanish, and returned home triumphant. I can stop eating out every meal, and start munching on delicious veggies instead. Huzzah!

Market! Food! I haz it. And yes, that is boxed wine.

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