Volando Voy

Life at the Yoga Commune: Bathroom Bonding, Toilet Paper in the Bin, Mural of Dolphins Flying Through Space

Let me start with the most important updates from this week: First, I used the upstairs bathroom in the Yoga House for the first time, and it was glorious. I will let the photo do my explaining for me.

Second, my photo class at school continues to be the highlight of my week. Every week the kids receive letters from a 5th grade class in California, respond in letter format to a list of questions I give them, and then I work with them in small groups teaching basic photography techniques. The kids love it, I get to be outside, and life is good. However, this week I accidentally made a typo in one of the questions, so instead of asking them how old they are, I asked them how many anuses they have.

Finally, today I actually made it to the market, bartered in Spanish, and returned home triumphant. I can stop eating out every meal, and start munching on delicious veggies instead. Huzzah!

Market! Food! I haz it. And yes, that is boxed wine.

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