No Surprises

I should write a real post about Semana Santa in Antigua, but I’ve already let two weeks go by and it feels like a lot of work. Besides, I was there two years ago, so you can just read that post. Instead I will upload a few photos and say, Spring Break! Jasmine in town! Antigua, the Disneyland of Guatemala! Lots of carpets and processionals for Jesus! Lounging in the sun! Rainy afternoons! Climbing an active volcano! Street food galore! Our soundtrack! Enjoy.

I Spy Judas

View of Antigua and Pacaya. No Subirse Not Heeded.

Missoni Carpet

Too much.

Watermelon Swan Carpet

Street Food Paradise

Elote Chiflado! (Crazy Corn!)

World’s Best Micheladas at Cafe Condesa. This whole meal cost more than I’ve ever paid for anything in Guatemala ($12?!), but it was perfect.

Churros, nom.

Pupusas/ Chalupas. Chalupas exist other places than Taco Bell, and they are amazing.

Rainy Black Friday Processional. Covering Jesus with a shower curtain.

Taking Cover

Shelter from the Storm

View on Pacaya of the Volcan de Agua


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