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What A Wonderful World

For whatever reason this song makes me feel pretty valentine-y.  The kids didn’t even get to celebrate today, which was just sad, because we all know Valentine’s Day is the most fun when you’re still in elementary school. I, on the other hand, have BIG plans to celebrate the day, aka splurge on some Reese’s at the American Store and have a pizza/movie night with my galpal, so I’m pretty content. Also someone told me that the real skull of St. Valentine is in Madrid, so if I have time I might go check that out, although I don´t really know why I would…. I guess because why not?


Somehow two weeks already went by without my writing a blog about London, and I know I had the time, but I must have wasted it in some other way. My best guess would be watching The Wire. Anyways, London was fantastic!  One of my favorite things about traveling is that you meet cool people, and through the miracle that is Facebook you can keep in contact, and then one day visit them in some other exciting location. Such was the case with my London weekend: I made a friend from New Zealand while on my cruise last May in the Galapagos, and since he is now living in London but was soon taking off to head back home, I took the opportunity to hop over the pond for a weekend.


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