Elephant Gun

I have a home! A real room with a door that I can close that is mine! After living out of a hostel for two weeks, you have no idea just how thrilling having my own little space is. And I have INTERNET. Hello, pointless Youtube videos. Welcome back into my life. Goodbye McDonalds, I will miss your free wifi, your gilded ceilings complete with chandeliers, and your McFlurrys.

Mine :) I’ve already bumped my head on the stupid ceiling at least 40 times.

I’ve been in Madrid for exactly fourteen days, living out of a suitcase, and it’s so nice to finally feel unpacked and settled. These past two weeks have been rough. I knew they would be hard, but I think they were actually worse than I’d predicted. But today as I was walking towards the metro on my journey home the sun was setting, Elephant Gun was playing on my Ipod, and I found myself wearing this stupid little smile that I couldn’t wipe off my face the whole metro ride home. I’m here for nine months! This is just the beginning of a great adventure, and I’m excited to see it through.

The perks of having a skylight.

I have about a million and one things to say about Madrid, but during my blissful walk home I purchased what seriously resembles a giant milk carton of red wine, for the affordable price of  .85 euros. So my thoughts on my new home will have to wait, since I think it’s time to crack that sucker open and enjoy the view from my roof before I call it a night. Hasta luego!

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