The Dog Days Are Over

I officially cannot hang. Madrid, you have beaten me.

I come from a school that knows how to party, and I thought I had a chance of being able to keep up, but I am out. Every night here is like Vegas, even the nights where you do ´nothing´ involve eating dinner and having a few beers until 1:30 or 2am. After only 10 days here, I am exhausted, and actually more zombie than human. Thank God I am moving into my new apartment tomorrow, so I can be a hermit and finally sleep maybe 7 hours a night like a real person without anyone judging me.

In other news, I actually tried to be a good tourist and take some pictures. It wasn´t a big success, but here are two shots of my new city, enjoy!

Calle Gran Via
Look, an arch? El Retiro

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