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I guess after not updating for nearly three months after my last half-assed entry I am forced to admit that I am a terrible blogger. Especially because there were so many amazing things I could have written about during my time in Ecuador, or even in the five weeks that I’ve been back in good old California.

I’ve been busy? Life has been moving too fast? I had other things to occupy my time? Let’s start over. No more excuses. This time, baby, I promise to be better. To treat you right. Please, forgive me.

Like my lack of any updates might indicate, my life in Ecuador as well as my life back at home has been pretty hectic. All the hard work in Ecuador payed off, and we successfully completed five clinics, and of course managed to have a lot of fun in between. Leaving Ecuador this time around was difficult. As in I actually had to bribe the customs officer to let me out, because I accidentally overstayed my 90 day visa. Really though, of the places I’ve visited, Ecuador is the country I’ve spent the longest amount of time in, and it will always be special to me. Hopefully this isn’t really a goodbye, but an ‘hasta luego.’

Goodbye Ecuador!

Upon returning to CA I attended a friend’s wedding, started working again in my Pop’s office, visited New Orleans, went to the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco, and of course caught up with family/friends. All of that has kept me busy, and today I finally realized that I leave in only 16 days to start my new life in Madrid, where I will be an English teaching assistant for the next nine months. That is, if I actually make it over there…

READ: I have never been to Madrid, or Spain. I am rapidly forgetting any Spanish I learned, and I never learned the ‘vosotros’ verb tense they use there. I can’t get my school I’m teaching at to email me back to provide me with some type of concrete information. Already I am intimidated by how beautiful the Spanish women are. I have no place to live, or even any tentative ideas. I actually still don’t even have my visa, my passport is currently at the Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles waiting to be processed. So, things are going pretty well…

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