Scenic World

Scenic World

I guess after not updating for nearly three months after my last half-assed entry I am forced to admit that I am a terrible blogger. Especially because there were so many amazing things I could have written about during my time in Ecuador, or even in the five weeks that I’ve been back in good old California.

I’ve been busy? Life has been moving too fast? I had other things to occupy my time? Let’s start over. No more excuses. This time, baby, I promise to be better. To treat you right. Please, forgive me.

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Chutes Too Narrow

One of my best friends Cristella arrived in Quito about a week and a half ago, and it has been beyond amazing to have the company. It’s really nice to be around someone who already knows and loves you. And someone with whom you can speak English. After a few days to allow her to get her bearings, we started working hard to get all of the clinics set up for the group of 8 volunteers from Santa Barbara arriving June 27th, and so far we have been really lucky with how well everything has been falling into place.

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