All Things Must Pass

All Things Must Pass

Peru! Peruperuperu. I kicked off my newest love affair in Arequipa with a three day trek through the deepest canyon in the world, the Colca Canyon. After a 2:30 am wake up, followed by a sleepy bus ride, we arrived at Cruz del Condor to watch the condors do their morning hunting. I had no idea just how big condors are, it was impressive to watch them glide in circles over the canyon, on occasion swooping close enough to hear the sound of their wings cutting through the wind. Afterwards we continued our drive up through the Chivay Valley, 14k of land purely dedicated to cultivation. The farmers still maintain plots built during Inca times,  creating a colorful patchwork divided by ancient stone walls for me to gaze at out the bus window.

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Blah, blah, blog.

Yes, I’ve created a blog. Yes, I am aware that this has the potential to increase my douchebag factor tenfold. No, I will not be¬† making a trip to the store to buy the obligatory plaid scarf, keds and ray-bans. Or getting a twitter. And I’m definitely not becoming vegan, mostly because life would be so much worse without bacon. I guess I should introduce myself… is that what you do on these things? As I’m sure anyone who is reading this already knows, my name is Alyssa. I’ve spent all of my 22 years living in Southern California, and I recently completed my undergraduate education this past June. Are you bored yet?

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