November Has Come

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

-Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


Some pictures from two weekends spent touristing!

Leading (!) ‘Someone Up There Likes Me’ at Stardust. The night before we camped a few feet away from these towering walls, sharing a campfire with other climbers from Lebanon, Spain and Bahrain.
For some reason this little 1 dirham abra ride across the canal was one of my favorite things I did in Dubai
The gold souks were no joke
Many Goldmember references were made.
Turns out the Burj Khalifa is really hard to capture in a photo
Nature in the future?
There she is!
Still can’t get her all in one frame
Had to walk all the way back here to capture the whole dang thing
Snails of the future
I could have spent all day just in this mall. There was a movie theater, ice skating rink, arcade, an entire floor devoted to designer children’s clothing, and the world’s largest indoor aquarium
Oh, and a waterfall. That night I had a dream I was diving with these guys into a giant bowl of fresh spinach, probably my body’s way of telling me to eat a vegetable or die
I was in the middle of a roadside pee break on the way to the Empty Quarter when these guys started sauntering past.
Future album cover
Little car, littler footprints, big dunes
Home for the night. We quickly put our tent up, kicked off our shoes, and spent the last bit of daylight running up and down the dunes like little kids
Duuuude, duuuuunes
A little Fireball by the fire
Long morning shadows
The recently opened Louvre, Abu Dhabi
Gary and I, patrons of the arts
Inside the Death Star
The Grand Mosque
Not bad
Sadly, they wouldn’t let me take this get up home

Abu Dhabi architecture. This view is from the Emirates Palace, allegedly a seven star hotel. We wound up somehow drinking a martini and eating an ice cream with 23 karat gold sprinkled on top and now I guess we’re fancy.

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