La Despedida

Waah :( On Wednesday the time came to say goodbye to my little babies, and I’ve been feeling sad about it ever since. There is truly not a single one I don’t like, and I wish I could fast forward their lives 10 years and see how they turn out, because they are all such fantastic little humans now. They made me cards saying bye (except most of them read more like: ‘bey bey Alisa, for you, what is a great teacher’) and afterward one of my favorite boys tried for a bit to express himself in English before finally giving up and saying “Teacher Alyssa, por favor, no te vayas. Por favor.” Just about killed me. For you viewing pleasure I got a couple of videos of them, check ’em out, they’re the cutest.

4th graders, A and B groups
3B chiclets
3A chiclets

That night most of the teachers went out for the last CCD of the year in Alcala de Henares, birthplace of Cervantes. CCD stands for ‘comida, cena, desayuno’, meaning you start out having lunch, and continue fiesta-ing until it’s time for breakfast the next morning. I was in bed by 4am because I’m a big wimp, but it was a really nice final night out, the tapas were amazing, and at some places even included bin candy, yum.

With the other language assistants
La Despedida

This weekend will be full of goodbyes and frantic running around, as I finish my last private classes and pack up my life here. Goodbyes really are the worst, but I need to remember how much I’m looking forward to teaching the peques English this summer at a camp in Alicante, my vacation to Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, and eventually returning after 11 long months, to see all the wonderful people that make California home.

One thought on “La Despedida

  1. Dear Alyssa, how much I have enjoyed your wonderful travels via “Taking the Long Way Around”. You are an amazing writer. I look forward to seeing you when you return. I’m thrilled for you to have had such a fabulous year and life experience.
    Love you, Grandma Lynn

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