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I like being here. As the time continues flying by, I’m starting to realize that I’m going to be pretty sad to leave Madrid. Funny things happen here that I wouldn’t get to experience back home. For example, my lovely Mom sent me some peanut butter as an Easter present, and I was shocked when my roommate Valerio told me he had never tried it. I immediately made him some toast and spread some on, watching eagerly as he took his first bite. His reaction wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, if anything he looked slightly disappointed. When I asked him what he thought, he told me “Well, it tastes just like a peanut…  Except creamy.” I’m still not sure what he was expecting…

Morning Commute


Learning is fun.

I also fall more and more in love with my chiclets every week. At this point in the year I can see an improvement in their English, so it’s a lot more fun to chit chat with them, especially about music. I made the mistake of saying ‘sure’ when one of the girls asked me “Te gusta a Justin Bieber?”. I forgot that ‘te gusta’ has romantic connotations, and chaos immediately ensued. The rest of the day I was teased about being in love with the Beibster, and ultimately told I was too old and therefore he would never return my affections. The kids also loooove Lady Gaga, one little boy finally asked to start being called Alex, after the kids consistently sang Alejandro every time he was called on in class. The funniest part is that they don’t really know the words, it’s all gibberish, it blew their minds when I explained to them that she was actually saying ‘don’t call my name, Alejandro.’

My favorite chiclet.

I could tell probably a million more stories about the funny things these kids do every day, but it’s time to head to the airport to take off for Porto, Portugal for a short 1.5 day trip, I’m excited :)

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