I spent this past weekend in the Canary Islands. Know nothing about them? Neither did I.Located off the northwestern coast of Africa, the islands have the same latitude as the Sahara, so they’re warm pretty much year-round. This makes them a popular get away for Europeans who want to escape the painful winter months, which was precisely my motivation as well. The weather in Madrid last week was just brutal, around 40 degrees with winds and rains, but after two friends and I made yet another early morning RyanAir commute we were pretty thrilled to be able to change into shorts and start enjoying the sunshine.

Canary Islands

Dragon Tree
Island Living
Pit stop on the way to Teide National Park

We visited Tenerife, the biggest island of the bunch. 48 hours isn’t much time, but we managed to explore the little town we stayed in, eat a ton, visit the black sand beaches, and take a day trip to Teide National Park. After Mount Fuji National Park in Japan, this park is the most visited in the world. Again, we only saw a fraction of it, but we were able to climb around on the Roques de Garcia and enjoy a Dorada Especial with a view of the highest point in Spain, not too shabby.

Hike down to Garcia’s Rocks.
Where’s Waldo?

Once again I managed to get sick, but I take off for Budapest tomorrow, so hopefully these antibiotics will start doing their job! And now, back to bed.

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