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I’m back! Life has been a whirlwind, within the span of a month I went from the tropical paradise that is Belize, to its polar opposite. (Get it?? Polar!) Antarctica is the first place that I have visited that is analogous to nothing, but I will struggle through this blog nonetheless.


Home Sweet Home!

The trip started cruising through the Chilean fjords in style aboard Holland America’s Ms. Veendam. Alex, my good friend from UCSB, has been working on Holland America ships as a DJ for about a year now with his girlfriend Lauren, and one of his perks is the ability to have a friend on board who can travel with him for free. Once he invited me to come a-cruisin’ it only took me a few conversations with friends telling me I’d be crazy to miss this opportunity to buy my plane ticket to Santiago. I should also note that most of the pictures on here are his, as he was willing to freeze his fingers off, while I was not.

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Deep Blue Sea

Deep blue sea, darlin’ on the deep, deep blue sea. I could not get that Grizzly Bear song out of my head pretty much the entire time I was on my eight day cruise around the Galapagos Islands. What an amazing experience. Cruising around on a luxury yacht is definitely several steps up from the grimy dorm room hostels I am used to traveling in, but lucky I have a Grandfather who made my voyage aboard ‘The Millenium’ possible, and I am so grateful, because it really was life changing. Every single day felt like being in a National Geographic documentary, and each day somehow managed to get better than the last.

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